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client management

• Shared database to store information about prospects, customers, and third parties
• Eliminate duplicate entries
• Add custom fields
• Use predefined industry templates
• Use security features to manage sensitive information
• Click on any field to get a fast search
• Search capabilities to find what you need
• Filter to create segmented lists

• Schedule calls, appointments, to-dos
and tasks
• Complete activities and add notes and
reporting codes for tracking
• View pending activities and filter by
date or activity
• Link all inbound and outbound emails
using GoldMine email client or Outlook
• Document Center to merge contacts in
email or Word
• Create and link documents – store
locally or in your cloud storage

Contact information and activities are
accessible anywhere with an internet
• Search database with keywords
• View Facebook and Twitter and
LinkedIn pages for contacts
• Auto link to Google maps, company,
and search for info on a contact
• Link contacts from same company
together in relationship tree
• Click to dial capability with GoldMine’s
built in Softphone (SIP compliant)