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Quick tip: Best way to manage spam email

Quick tip: Best way to manage spam email

If you’re using GoldMine email, you should really never have to manually type an email, which means almost every email you send is to a known address. So it stands to reason then, that opposite then is also true; emails that are meant for you, should already be in your database. Spam emails, from unknown email addresses, can be easily filtered out using GoldMine rules.

To take advantage of this, create a rule in GoldMine to move email that is NOT in your GoldMine contacts to a separate folder. One that can be reviewed with caution and suspicion as these may be a) new contacts to create in GoldMine or b) spam emails to be deleted.

  1. Go To > Mail
  2. Right Click on your Inbox > Options > Setup Email Rules > New > New Rule
Enter name of Email rule “To Be Linked
Select Mail Field “Linked” and Logical Condition “Is Not“, select OK
Select Action on Mail “Move to inbox” and Value “To Be Linked“. Then select Finish

If you’re interested in learning more about email management, check out my blog about the 4-D’s of email management.

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