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GoldMine and GDPR readiness, what you need to know

GoldMine and GDPR readiness, what you need to know

From May 25th 2018 GDPR has come into effect (General Data Protection Regulation). GoldMine users will see a lot of changes to the platform after this upgrade to issue the requirements of GDPR.

Security of Database Connection

When using Goldmine after the change, you will firstly need to create a read-only user for your SQL database. Users will then need to firstly read and acknowledge the licence agreement. After accepting the agreement, you can go to Tools-Databases-Alias Manager and then check the box that reads “Enable SQL Queries”. The user password can also be changed here. Just ensure your password reaches the requirements.

Following on, you will then have a screen asking to confirm your database certificate. If there is a validated certificate on the database answer “yes”, if there is not, answer “no”.

Next up, you’ll see a screen that asks you to validate your database certificate. You’re simply answering whether there is a validated certificate on the database. If a certificate is not present on your database server, or you do not know if there is one, your answer is “no.” The answer is only “yes” if you’re sure the database has a certificate and you are sure that certificate is trusted.

Latest Enhancements

Administrators will be able to see all .exe and .dll files created during installation. These files are signed, which can help administrators make sure applications have not had any tampering.
Updates have also been issued to ChilKat and OpenSSl libraries for enhanced security.

There are many solution providers ensuring that the GDPR has been kept up to date with their privacy settings to ensure conformity.

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